To meet our HSSE policy, EXRAYTECH will:

1. Maintain and communicate Standards and guidelines which reflect best industry practice and are consistent with legal and regulatory requirements in all operational areas.

2. Establish clear accountabilities and performance expectations for HSSE in the management structure and all employees in the organization.

3. Ensure that our employees and contractors understand their HSSE accountabilities and are aware of the behavior expected during performance of duties and service delivery.

4. Promote a supportive culture where people are encouraged and feel able to intervene and report on HSSE issues of concern and where continuous improvement is fundamental to the way we work.

5. Ensure that the organization is properly resourced, commensurate with the risk involved to enable effective management of HSSE risks.

6. Provide a safe working environment which protects against radiation accidents / injury.

7. Provide appropriate security protection of our employees and contractors against radiation threats which may occur when they are working in the enclosure or our approved sites.

8. Adopt a risk based approach to the design, construction and operation of facilities, where necessary develop and implement appropriate plans to ensure that HSSE risks are As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) and As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA).

9. The three major principles to assist with maintaining dozes ALARA are time, distance and shielding.

10. Maintain Emergency Response, crisis Management and Business Continuity plans and test these regularly to ensure their effectiveness.

11. Investigate HSSE incidents and act on the results to ensure that key lessons are learnt across the organization.

12. Consult with all interested stakeholders (including governments, employees, partners, customers, contractors, local communities and industry organization) to understand and take account of their concerns.

13. Publicly report on HSSE objectives and performance, fully co-operate with relevant government agencies, and work with the industry to improve HSSE practices and learn from each other’s experiences.