Recently Exraytech Inspection Services have diversified themselves from services sector industry to manufacturing industry. The firm EXRAYTECH ENGINEERS is involved in manufacturing pressure vessels, heat exchangers, structure work, separators and any other fabrication job works.

Eraytech Engineers, is the heavy engineering company engaged in fabrication of critical process equipment like Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Columns/ Towers, Centrifuges, Dished Ends etc for their clients operating in the core sectors Refineries, Petrochemicals & Fertilizers, Power – Nuclear/ Thermal, Space Research, Pharmaceuticals etc. Our work conforms to DGMS/OISD stipulations. Our expertise includes manufacturing pressure vessels, storage tanks, separators and ancillary equipment serving the aforementioned industries.

Exraytech Engineers is a growing enterprise and our success in the market is attributed to our philosophy of quality, reliability, and customer service. In our continuous quest to enhance engineering and manufacturing quality we have secured the process accordingly.